Monday, November 18, 2013

Snow Globes!

We got the bright idea to reuse our old salsa jars! (We go through a lot) So we went to where else...Wal Mart and got a few small plastic ornaments and some white chunky glitter!

Then busting out my hot glue gun I glued our little penguin to the lid...waited for it to dry then filled the jar with glitter....water...and a wee bit of corn syrup.
After that part was finished...I added some ribbon to cover the bottom (lid of salsa jar) and made a cute little bow for the top! Super simple but of course there was glitter everywhere! I have now become addicted and plan to make some for my sons teachers for gifts! Only cost me 2.00 really bc the ornament and ribbon were 1.00 a piece can't beat that! 

 And here is our finished product! Poor little guy got a little chubby in water lol As always I hope you enjoyed this simple DIY and I also hope you give it a try!

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