Thursday, August 29, 2013

Early start on Halloween!

This whole witch is made up of items from the dollar tree...except the styrofoam...not really sure where I picked that up :D I just shaped and molded my styrofoam and hot glued where I thought it would work best! Covered it in the table cloth cutting the excess off of course! I also used hot glue on the face and hands to keep them from falling off outside! 

The shroud the witch face and hands and also not pictured is a plastic black table cloth all for a buck! :D didn't get any during pics but it sure was quite a mess...I'm sorry you missed it! 
And the finished product...whatcha think? I would've done it outside to make better pics and less mess but let's face it it's still August and I'm 9 mos pregnant! I hope everyone enjoyed my little creepy witch! Can't wait for the trick or treaters!!!!!