Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Flip Flop Wreath Time!

Bought bunches of flip flops from the Dollar Tree and our local craft store for .50-1.00 a pair and I went crazy with my hot glue gun! Once I made the first one everyone in my family wanted one and so I get to see my work on everyone's door when I visit! Brings a smile to my face!
 The flowers and butterflies were also purchased at the dollar tree! Along with the "JEWELS"
 The bows are made from tulle from the craft store! So easy to make and a great way to show how ready for warmer weather you are! ;-)

DIY Baby mobile!

I have recently learned that my husband and I are expecting a baby girl in september! I decided I am super excited to get to craft cute girly things! I made this mobile out of a hat washer fishing line and some flowers I put together from dollar store floral arrangements.

 It wasn't as simple as I thought it'd be but the finished product was sure worth it! I used hot glue to secure the strings and the flowers to the strings.

It really came out much better than I expected and I am super excited for the baby to get here now!