Thursday, September 27, 2012

Trash bag witch!!!

So while I was realizing that fall is upon us I realized I HAVE NO HALLOWEEN DECOR!!!! OMG!!!!! So I grabbed my black trash bags and got started!!! 

I took my exact o knife and cut out the shape of a witch hat through two pieces of trash bag....added some wooden skewer sticks for stability (w/ hot glue) 

Took my resse's puff box and made a semi-circle for the face!
(OH and make yourself some hair from the trash bag as well!)

SEE lol

Here is the face after mod podge and green glitter

And now after black nail polish ;-D

Scrap wood for the sign!


And here it she is in all her trash bag glory!!!! ;-) Super easy!!!!!


  1. You have some super cute Halloween crafts. I haven't started yet, but anxious to do some projects this weekend! Drop by & link up any of your projects I'd love you to share them with my readers. @

    1. Thank you and I did link up! Thanks so much!