Saturday, September 15, 2012

Tennessee gift wreath!

As my mother in-laws birthday draws nearer and I know how much she loves Tennessee I decided to gift her a team wreath! It turned out so great so I decided to post the tutorial here! ~~~~~~I purchased the wreath form at A.C. Moore it cost me 5.99 then I purchased the wooden letters which honestly didn't cost near as much as I expected them to the large T=2.99 the small VOLS: .49 a piece so they weren't awfully expensive! Well worth it!
I also found this horn at the craft store for 2.00 and used some tulle and ribbon to decorate the remainder of the wreath!
Had to run to the bedroom with my saturday project so I could catch some football lol
And here is the finished product hopefully she loves it!!!!


  1. Such a cool wreath!!! Thanks for following my blog and the lovely comment - I'm happily following you back xx Nat

    1. Thanks so much for following back!!! But Tennessee is soooo not my team lol