Saturday, August 25, 2012

Today's Project :Upcycled scratched CD'S

Sitting here on this lovely saturday wondering what I was gonna craft today :-) And I had a brilliant idea! Why don't I clean out my CD that I have an Ipod I really have no use for them...but instead of throwing them away I wanted to do something with them. So here it is... with that trusty old mod podge...and some scrap booking paper I went to town! I only did one side of them to save my paper but I suppose if you wanted you could do both....I then hot glued some ribbon to each CD and painted on letters with my awesome pink paint pens!!! And now here's the result! I love it!
Fox Hollow Cottage


  1. Flipping brilliant! I have so many CDs that I can do this with!

    1. LOL thanks susan!!! I am thinking on doing team letters for football season as well just have to get the right colors of paper lol And I too have sooooo many scratched up cd's I have no use for!!!