Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Motorcycle gauge DIY!!!! w/mod podge ;-)

Ok so I really made these I wasn't expecting them to come out right so I didn't take before pics but here are the after pics and I think I did a pretty good job on them. My hubby is very satisfied lol...took me a week to get them right! I made them using pictures I found on google...then customized them using power point and picasa...after printing at least 20 copies of them I finally got them to line up right with the original ones. After that I removed the original gauge cover with finger nail polish remover (exposing the clear plastic underneath) And cleaned up with an alcohol pad. Then comes the hard part...(harder of hard parts)...I mod podged the plastic and stuck my perfected prints (on picture paper) to the clear plastic and lined them up as perfect as I could...let them dry and handed them over to the handy man....What would have cost us over 150.00 to have done anywhere only cost me...well nothing! lol

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